NETUM was founded in 2011 formed by a group of talented engineers and business professionals, dedicating to the production of Auto-ID equipment, both scanners and terminals. NETUM focuses on providing high-quality products, maintaining customer satisfaction through support, and the use of our own innovative technology to offer superior performance.

Quality Production 
High quality is central to every part of NETUM business. From our assembly lines, the products we produce, and the customer support, to our professional packaging and shipping system; quality is always the key phrase. With our dedication to all around high quality work, NETUM has been granted ISO 9001:2015 certification along with a growing list of industry-recognized accreditation and qualifications. While other manufacturers outsource to cheap labors, NETUM continue to have only in-house manufacturing operation with a systematic, effective, and efficient process to produce uniform quality and stable products. Not only do all products undergo strict testing procedures for durability and reliability, part materials are also closely monitored to ensure that all environmental and safety compliance are met.

Driven by Innovative Technology 
NETUM competes in one of the most aggressive markets in the world, so we know that the only way to offer our clients the tools they need for their business is through research. Our ongoing R&D program has resulted the development of the most advanced decoding technology on the market – the C Serial, and also our omnidirectional scanning technology. Every day, clients who use our hardware benefit from the improved performance and streamlining that this technology brings.

Full Support for Our Customers – Hardware,Marketing and System Development 
All of NETUM business partners enjoy the benefits of a full support system covering; our system hardware, help in application software development, and integration troubleshooting. Our knowledgeable sales engineers will work with our technical teams to solve any requests you may encounter. NETUM marketing team has extensive experience in the Auto-ID field, and can provide you with advice or marketing documents. By choosing to be a NETUM partner, you'll start a business relationship guaranteed to provide you with an Auto-IDeal Life.

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