Barcode Scanner FAQ

Q: Scanner can not charge
A: Please make sure that you use our original USB cable for charging(coming in the box), and try to charge it in another USB port or another computer, please send me a video to check if still no charging after you tried these things.


Q: Scanner make beeps after each scan

A: 2 and 5 beeps means no power, need charge the scanner, 3 beeps means the scanner not paired, please re-pair the scanner(re-pair the Dongle).


Q: Bluetooth connected but can not read the barcodes

A: Please change the scanner to HID mode (you can find the command barcode in the manual)


Q: There is no “ENTER” after each scanning

A: Our scanner default “ENTER”, please set up the scanner to factory setting (you can find the command barcode in the manual), please contact me if it still not work.


Q:  How to pop-up the keyboard in iOS system

A: Press the scanner button twice to pop-up keyboard


Q: Can not pair the dongle, how to connect the dongle or how to connect the new dongle with scanner?

A: Unplug the RF dongle, Scan barcode(you can find the barcode “one to one piring” in the manual), then insert the RF dongle within 30 seconds, the beeps stopped immediately means RF paired success.


Q: Need scanner instruction manual

A: Please find the instruction according to your scanner model from this link:

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