DS2800 Wi-Fi Scanner MQTT Communication Server Construction and Setup Steps

Development environment

  1. Build a proxy server:
    It is recommended to use the open source project EMQX to build a proxy server. Project address:


    Installation and deployment tutorial address:


2. Netum Test proxy server:
Host: mqtt.handy.pub
UserName: netum
Password: netum@2022

Data receiving client software and SDKs

1. MQTT client software
MQTT X:https://mqttx.app/
MQTT.fx: https://www.jensd.de/wordpress/
MQTT Explorer: https://mqtt-explorer.com/
MQTT Box: https://github.com/workswithweb/MQTTBox


Operation process of Wi-Fi scanner data transmission

1.Open the data receiving software
Open the MQTT X desktop software, enter the proxy server information, subscribe to the topic: "WFSCAN", and wait for the scanner to scan and transmit data.

2.Configure the Wi-Fi Scanner


DS2800Wi-Fi scanner configuration page:
Fill in the relevant information of the server according to the prompts and generate a QR code, and then use the scanner to scan the steps to complete the configuration


3. Verify that the scanner is connected properly
After the above steps are completed, if the information is correct, the MQTT client software can normally receive the scanner data. If you need to control the scanner buzzer, please contact us.


Configure the mqtt Publish Topic, subscribe and client ID for the Wi-Fi Scanner 

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