eBay Setup

Platform Setup

NT-LP110A is fully compatible with USPS labels generated through eBay. We just need to tell eBay to print in 4 x 6 format.


After you follow these steps, only your new labels will be generated in 4 x 6 format. eBay will not change your previously printed labels. Currently eBay provides 4 x 6 labels only for USPS shipments.

Note to IE users: Please note NT-LP110A users have reported an occasional bug on eBay with Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge. If you click Print and there is no answer, please close the browser and re-open it, or you can use Chrome or FireFox. Please note this is unrelated to NT-LP110A, just with Internet Explorer and eBay.

On the new eBay Interface, please select 4″x6″ PDF as your label format.

On the “Classic” Interface:

• During your label creation process, please click on [Printer and label receipt preferences]

• On the following pop up, you may pick any of the 4×6 label sized printers. For example, you may pick the “Zebra TLP3842 4×6”

• Click “Save” and continue with the purchasing of your label.

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