NETUM RD2023 Industrial DPM Barcode Scanner
NETUM RD2023 Industrial DPM Barcode Scanner

NETUM RD2023 Industrial DPM Barcode Scanner

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NETUM RD2023 Industrial DPM Barcode Scanner


RD2023 is a handheld 2D scanner launched by NETUM suitable for general industrial environments. It is equipped with a 1280 × 1024 resolution, 1.3 million pixel C-MOS sensor scanning module with excellent scanning recognition.

RD-2023 high-performance barcode recognition technology can efficiently read barcodes of various code systems. The algorithm is robust and can effectively deal with situations such as dirty, defective, and low-contrast barcodes. It uses a 1.3MP global shutter sensor and a lighting system to ensure excellent image quality. It has built-in LED aiming to clearly indicate the target field of view, and is quick to install and debug. It provides a secondary development SDK for flexible application.


Resolution 1280 × 1024
Sensor CMOS Global Shutter
Maximum frame rate 50fps
Light source White LED
Aiming method Red LED


2D: Data Matrix , Dot Code, QR Code , Micro QR,PDF417, Micro PDF417 ,Aztec , MaxiCode.
1D: UPC A , UPC E , EAN 8 , EAN 13 , Code 128 , Code 39 , Code 93, Code 32 , Code11 , Codabar ,Plessey , MSI , Interleaved 2 of 5 IATA 2 of 5,Matrix 2 of 5,Straight 2 of 5,Pharmacode,
GS1 DataBar 14,GS1 DataBar Expanded,GS1 DataBar Limited,Composite Code A,Composite Code B,Composite Code C.

Reading accuracy 1D: 3mil 2D: 4mil
Reading depth Code 39 (3 mil): 45 ~ 80 mm
Code 39 (5 ​​mil): 35 ~ 100 mm
Data Matrix (5 mil): 45 ~ 75 mm
Data Matrix (10 mil): 45 ~ 220 mm
EAN13 (13 mil): 60 ~ 400 mm
Contrast ≥20%
Detection angle Tilt angle ±60°, skew angle ±60°, rotation angle 360°
Field of view Horizontal 40°, vertical 34°
Mechanical/electrical parameters Communication interface TTL-232, USB (HID-KBW, virtual serial port)
Dimensions Length*width*height (mm): 180*65*95mm
Weight: ≈254g
Operating voltage DC 5 V
Operating current 0.8 A max
Typical power consumption 1.5 W@5 VDC
Environmental parameters Operating temperature -0℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Operating humidity 0%~95% RH without condensation
Ambient light 0~100000LUX

DPM codes (Direct Part Marking) are generally divided into the following types:

  1. Laser Etching: Use laser engraving technology to engrave barcodes or QR codes on the surface of parts, which is common in metal surface markings.
  2. Dot Peen Marking: Use dot engraving technology to engrave barcodes on the surface of parts, and create marks by punching a series of small dots on the surface.
  3. Chemical Etching: Use chemical etching technology to engrave marks on the surface of materials, and use specific chemical solutions to remove the surface of materials to form marks.
  4. Inkjet Printing: Use inkjet printing technology to print barcodes on the surface of parts, which is often used for light materials or scenes that require temporary markings.

These different types of DPM codes are suitable for different materials and application scenarios. Choosing the right DPM code type can ensure the readability and durability of the mark.
PCB board hollow code, reflective metal laser engraving code, casting surface needle coding, surface oil stain engraving code, resin laser engraving code, cylindrical laser engraving...


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