NT-LP110A How to install MacOs driver

Install Driver

1.Double click the NETUM NT-LP110A.dmg

2.Double click NETUMPrinter_V1.1.0_signed .pkg to install the driver.

3.Click “continue” button.

4.click “Install”

5.Use Touch ID or Enter your password.

6.Click “Close” to finish.

7.Open “System Preferences”,and click “Printers and Scanners”

8.click “+” to add a new printer.

9.Turn on your printer, and choose “NETUM NT-LP110A”,select “Select Software” under “Use” drop down menu.

10. Input”NETUM”,and choose “NETUM NT-LP110A Printer”

11.Click “Add”

12.Use Touch ID or enter your password.


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